Clean Line Southern Summer Honeysuckle Scented Luxury Bath Fizzy with Shea Butter

$ 4.49

If you were raised in the South, you know honeysuckle vines are a sign of summer.  Indulge yourself in a little bit of summer, with our Southern Summer honeysuckle bath fizzy.  This vivid pink and yellow bath bomb is made with shea butter and sunflower oil to soften your skin in the bath and after, and arrowroot flour and sea salt for softer, silkier water to soak in.  Your bath water will turn pale orange, as the scent of honeysuckle fills the room.  Bring some warmth to your bath year round.  

Your Southern Summer bath bomb will come shrinkwrapped, tied with a black ribbon and tagged with a complete label, including instructions. To use, simply drop in a warm bathtub, let fizz, soak yourself and enjoy! If you would like, you can also break apart this bomb and use smaller pieces for a foot or hand soak. To store, leave in wrapper to protect from moisture and humidity, until ready to use. Due to the oils and butters in the bomb, it is best if used within six months from date of purchase.

Net wt. 3.5 oz (99 g.)

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