Goat Milk Soap

$ 5.95

We are happy to carry Clean Line Soaps! Here is a description of these fabulous soaps, straight from Clean Line Soaps! Various scents available!

We make all of our soaps using the cold process method, which is a from-scratch method of soap making in which very little heat is used other than to melt butters and oils. All of our ingredients are sourced from manufacturers who are soap making suppliers, meaning we use the highest food- and skin-grade butters, oils, fragrances and colorants. Each kind of soap is made one at a time in small batches, so we can control every gram that goes into every bar to make sure what reaches your skin is of the finest quality. The soap batter is poured into loaf, round or individual molds, and left to harden for a few days. it is then unmolded, sliced into bars if need be, and left to cure for a minimum of four weeks, to let the saponification process finish and as much water as possible to evaporate from the soaps, leaving you with the mildest, hardest and longest lasting bar possible.

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