Birthday Flowers By Month

Birthday Flowers By Month
You know the birthstone, but do you know their birth flower? This Birthday Flowers by Month Guide will steer you towards a personalized pick for your loved ones.


January: Carnation

The birthday flower for January is the carnation. Carnations have been traditionally associated with fascination, which is a fitting sentiment for the freshness of the new year.


February: Iris
Winter shades of cool blue and snowy white are found in the iris. Representing faith, wisdom, and hope, iris flowers are a beautiful and meaningful gift for a February birthday.


March: Daffodil
As one of the first flowers of spring, the daffodil is a classic symbol for rebirth and rejuvenation. Daffodils also convey a message of warmth and regard.



April: Daisy
The month of April is represented by the daisy. Daisies have long been associated with innocence. The large vibrant blooms of the gerbera daisy have made it a favorite among flower lovers.


May: Lily
In the month perhaps most associated with flowers, the lily holds a special place as May's birthday flower. The wonderfully fragrant and beautiful lily represents purity.




June: Rose

Easily one of the most well-known and significant flowers, the rose is the perfect choice for celebrating a June birthday. Roses can convey a wealth of varying symbolism, but all roses carry a meaning of love and appreciation.

July: Larkspur

July's flower, the larkspur, is associated with lightheartedness and levity. Larkspurs can evoke the care-free days of summer we remember from our youth.

August: Gladiolus

The lovely gladiolus is the birthday flower for August. These flowers are named after the sword of the gladiator, and they carry a meaning of strength and sincerity.



September: Aster

The September birthday flower is the aster, which is often used to accent different types of mixed flower arrangements. In addition to representing daintiness, asters are also known as a symbol of love.



October: Marigold

The golden colors of autumn are displayed by the marigold, which makes them the ideal flower for October birthdays. Marigolds have come to be associated with affection.


November: Chrysanthemum

For the month of November, the chrysanthemum is the traditional birthday flower. Chrysanthemums represent cheerfulness due to the array of bright and vivid colors in which they are available.

December: Poinsettia
Though known for it's association with the holidays, the poinsettia is also a December birthday flower. Poinsettias traditionally symbolize success and good cheer.